If you are going for a long time to settle in the city, you will need to center for meetings, exchanging information and resources. Sometimes these places are called by “infoshop.” Inside can be distributed free literature, books, music and other articles for sale, public library or archive of books, newspapers and videos; public computer or an entire room with access to the  Internet , a space for meetings,  performances direction, film screenings, community events calendar, free store (“freeshop”), which are collected and redistributed excess  resources. The project will be limited only by the imagination of volunteers and space …

You will need one or more rooms, preferably legal. Room for general meetings and cultural events should be large enough to accommodate a 2-3 dozen people. Availability of toilets, kitchen and tea room is welcome. In the end, you’re designing a place where people will get and share information. They will hold a certain amount of time here, and they must  feel  comfortable.

Choose  the collective of infoshop  “custodians”.  These people will have to take on the responsibility for cleaning, opening  and  closing  doors, repairing , collecting  money for tea and biscuits. As soon as possible the necessary  activity to conduct security: set the iron door with a peephole and change the locks.

Do not turn into another sect of “keepers of knowledge.” Organize the collection and redistribution of literature as you like , and proceed to the dissemination of information about infoshop in your local community. Make stickers, flyers and leaflets to distribute at concerts and film screenings. Make connection with other similar projects across the country and beyond.

Involve other interested groups to jointly participate in infoshop   activities .Remember that infoshop – is an open space for creativity, not secret laboratory: film screenings, musical evenings, board games, training, meetings of various groups, discussions, lectures, frishop evenings  . All the people who know about you heve to be willing to share with you the joy of co-creation, to understand the mechanisms of participation in infoshop life.

Provide a minimum  regular cultural activities by your own . To raise funds can hold  charity concert. Convince  richer  fellow  to donate  for the revolution, etc.

By the way, be careful with spending  finances and other resources. Infoshop can be an important tool in the development of local movement, but for the infoshop appearance ,  there must be already some sort of community. Otherwise no one will support the project. If your city does not have a sufficient number of activists (including those responsible activists who are able to lead a project), if the scene is almost dead and you have only  annual EVB festival on January 19, with the Communists and  demonstration on May 1, it is possible that infoshop – somewhat premature idea.

Your comrades in the movement have to see for yourself the value in visiting infoshop. Put them with the idea of equal rights in  the anarchist space. They can stir up their own projects on an equal  rights with you. Encourage the free distribution of food and drinks  in this space. Let people will seek appointments and meetings in infoshop.

You should have no illusions about the given special attention to the open anarchist projects. Very quick in infoshop will regularly go informants recruited from our midst, and police undercover. Rather than wrestle with a person of another freshman and  every three months to shake out microphones, easier to keep  the activist culture of safety and not to discuss  in the room of infoshop nothing “illegal”, and not to spread gossip and information about third parties without their explicit agreement.

Let the cops and the KGB man watching our movies and listen to our lectures. Our war is not against them, and many of them still do tear  off from the shoulders  their  epaulets.




Prejudices are one of the most important diseases of modern society. The mankind intensively develops, the cities grow, space obeys,  more and more new opportunities and inventions appear… But the human still didn’t get rid of the defects: hatred, envy, rage. Every year the quantity of the crimes based on racial, race, religious and social hatred more and more grows in the world. The state indicative tries to fight against it, creates special departments, but results isn’t visible yet. Million broken lifes, one thousand opened cases, and people everything continue to hate each other because of distinctions in color  of skin or opposite political convictions.

Everyone in own way tries to deal with this problem: the state does it with the constitution and the law, and society –  by various volunteer and  with general education projects.

One of such projects is “the Live Library”.  It is carried out since 2001, but in our country exists rather not so long ago – the first “Live Library” passed in Moscow in 2011.

This project was thought up in Denmark when five Danes after attacked their friend with a knife, created the Let’s Stop Violence organization. Through this organization they tried to fight against stereotypes which broadcast mass media after above-mentioned attack. After a while children created “Live library” which within several days passed hundreds conversations between people who in usual circumstances hardly would began to speak with each other. In eleven years of the existence this project was carried out more than in 50 countries of the world. Its purpose is to dispel prejudices and to increase mutual understanding between people

Principle of work of “Live Library”. Imagine library where books are people, and reading is live conversation. The live library works as well as usual: you come, you fill a library card, you choose “book” and you read it for 30 minutes. In quality of “live books” organizers invite representatives of vulnerable social groups and other interesting people concerning whom in society there are prejudices. In principle, everything is extremely simple.

Having in brief described, actually, a project essence, I will pass directly to the report.

Personally I learned about “live library” from the good girlfriend from Voronezh who was a volunteer on this action. In Voronezh this project was carried out for the first time in March of this year, the International Human rights Movement, and, judging by stories of participants and various comments in social networks and reports, it was quite successfully. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get on opening, but as it appeared, all the most interesting waits for me in future J Having arrived from summer travel home, I, having reached the Internet, learned that the second “Zh.B. ” will take place in Voronezh in August, and that most of all me pleased, the list of “books” was more interesting this time to me, than on first “library”.

But when I learned that in the list of “books” there is an anarchist (my very good friend), I, especially without deliberating, considered all these pleasant surprises as an excellent occasion to drive from Belgorod to Voronezh and the eyes to look as it everything works.


All action took place in one of the Voronezh book clubs. “Books” which were submitted this time, were: the Buddhist, the foreign volunteer, the blind girl with a dog the guide, the former prisoner, the paramedic of ambulance, the anarchist, the pupil of orphanage, the vegan (in combination the vocalist well-known Voronezh a hardcore of a gang of “BonaFides”). At a press conference organizers mentioned that on last library they had fears concerning provocations as on social networks direct threats to some participants submitting “books” of nonconventional sexual orientation arrived. This time provocative “books” weren’t, but without incidents didn’t do. Unknown rushed into the heat of action and scattered in crowd of visitors from a barrel with tear gas. One of attacking managed to disappear, another at the exit detained garbage. As I learned then, in detention took part ChK-ists. And this incident gave it an excellent reason to be unsteady on club before the end of action. I even at all won’t be surprised if all this action was in advance planned provocation, it all looked very much unclearly. The detained bonhead (well and who you would think it was?)  ) was minor, and matter of course that to it for this not big deal anything serious wasn’t, it seems even a penalty didn’t write out. And here to organizers “Zh.B. ” E-shnik had claims. As a matter of fact, most likely “the right terrorist” wanted to attack the anarchist, but maked mistake, and attacked  another, not less interesting and well-known in narrow circles of character Dmitry Snork ( Snork passed for a long time for the master of idiotic performances and provocations and gained even a certain popularity outside Voronezh. Besides cooperation with law enforcement agencies, this person at one time consisted in a cell of local office of DPNI, and, actually, any adequate social activist doesn’t support with it any affairs. Clear business, what not so wanted to see such character on action, but nevertheless he was and made scandal why supposedly it don’t let to the anarchist? Well and further there are bons, fill in Snork, the panic begins, there are E-shnik, Snork goes to write the application in department … .It`s my subjective arguments all, of course, but nevertheless they arise not on empty place.

As a whole all action took place perfectly, a lot of people arrived, and the turn wishing to communicate to “books” grew every minute. For those who pined in expectations of the turn, the certain room in which viewing of author’s movies was carried out was created. All ended peacefully and amicably.

Now I will sum up. Plus of action is, undoubtedly, the idea, after all art of communication and mutual understanding between people is a that resource which is very important in anarchical society. Therefore participation in such “library” will do you only good. It is really important, to be able to understand people whom doesn’t understand, doesn’t hear, and the most sad, doesn’t want to hear our progressive society. Others life, others pain and sufferings aren’t interesting to the majority. The problems suffice to them. Being guided by the principle “it’s not my business”, we never will be able to construct fair and healthy society therefore don’t remain indifferent. And “The live library” will help you to take the first steps in such science, as “mutual understanding”. Also I will allocate excellent work of organizers and volunteers in the project organization in Voronezh. Place found good, everything was organized validly at quite high level. It is worth praising all for it who took part in the organization.

If you were interested by idea and the project concept, you can try to organize it. It isn’t so difficult actually. All links to instructions as to make it, and also additional materials, you look in the bottom of article:

Grant on introduction of “Live Library”:ПОСОБИЕ-ПО-ВНЕДРЕНИЮ-ЖБ-Украина1.pdf

You can find info: – Россия -Международный Сайт

Ilya Jah


God and Police


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Anarcho-punk zine: PunkWay #9, 2014

PunkWay #9 anarcho-punk zine

«Big egoism to think that you’re able to correct others»

Hello! Here also there’s the ninth edition of the magazine Punk Way that harmoniously additions all last editions. At once from the cover we decided to express opinion which can’t be pleasant to much. For example, following phrase: «Big egoism to think that you’re able to correct others» wouldn’t be pleasant to me 1-2 years ago. Although would engendered in me inner doubts. It wants to be shared in this release.
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A left-wing activist dies in Paris after being attacked by right-wing skinheads


As he was leaving a store in Paris yesterday (5.6.2013), Clément Méric, 18, antifascist and trade-unionist was beaten to death by members of a far right group. He had left the city Brest because he was studying politics in Paris ; and tonight he was a victim of the growing violences of the far right, which has been increasing in the last months. He died tonight at the hospital as a result of his wounds. Read more

Anarcho-punk zine: PunkWay #8, 2013


Hello, comrade!

We are all units that can unite to create a just future. But all attempts are predetermined to fail, as long as these units are zeros.

It is not enough to simply seek the truth, it is insufficient to know that things are bad and that change is necessary. Actions need to be taken, and YOU are the action! It is good to dream about freedom, but what’s the point if we live like slaves? It’s easy to talk about helping one when every day you ignore the ones in need. It is easy to dream about “The organization” when you can’t even discipline yourself. This leads to a contradiction, which doesn’t lead us anywhere. This issue will be largely dedicated to self-improvement. It will contain a lot of psychology and philosophy. Most of us have faced the problems of maturity: big responsibilities, children, financial difficulties, problems with housing, disillusioned or frightened fiends, graduation and the need for employment. At this moment many of our friends begin to say «I used to be a punk too». In this issue we will share our reflections on how to stay true, to be yourself, not to loose your youthful endeavors, to move straight along your life.

Stay punk!

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Film: Noise And Resistance (2011)


Noise And Resistance is a documentary about a globally interconnected scene, built on autonomy and solidarity.

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Photos of squat eviction Monday 4th of February in St. Peterburg


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Russia: A video on activists breaking in to dormitory in defence of the dwellers


Activists are breaking in to dormatory of “Mosshelk”, a video by

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When you see nothing further than you


Let’s go to the cinema!
Are you crazy? It supports capitalism!

It often happens that I meet people who are so get caught in their idea, that they just do not want to see anything around them. As a rule such people have no hobby (as their hobby is to be a punk), they are badly educated and the only things that bother them are, probably, anarchism, punk culture, antifa and so on. He reads only those books, that are concerned to a certain interesting theme for him, the same with films, places to visit and even the circle of people Read more