God and Police


Moscow punk pioneers Tarakany! are debuting the music video for their single “God and Police” which comes off their album, MaximumHappy and features Chris No. 2 from Anti-Flag. “God and Police” speaks up against church and state, the two stereotypical pillars of Russian culture, and jabs at the pro-Putin regime and its supporters. Read more

Anarcho-punk zine: PunkWay #9, 2014

PunkWay #9 anarcho-punk zine

«Big egoism to think that you’re able to correct others»

Hello! Here also there’s the ninth edition of the magazine Punk Way that harmoniously additions all last editions. At once from the cover we decided to express opinion which can’t be pleasant to much. For example, following phrase: «Big egoism to think that you’re able to correct others» wouldn’t be pleasant to me 1-2 years ago. Although would engendered in me inner doubts. It wants to be shared in this release.
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A left-wing activist dies in Paris after being attacked by right-wing skinheads


As he was leaving a store in Paris yesterday (5.6.2013), Clément Méric, 18, antifascist and trade-unionist was beaten to death by members of a far right group. He had left the city Brest because he was studying politics in Paris ; and tonight he was a victim of the growing violences of the far right, which has been increasing in the last months. He died tonight at the hospital as a result of his wounds. Read more

Anarcho-punk zine: PunkWay #8, 2013


Hello, comrade!

We are all units that can unite to create a just future. But all attempts are predetermined to fail, as long as these units are zeros.

It is not enough to simply seek the truth, it is insufficient to know that things are bad and that change is necessary. Actions need to be taken, and YOU are the action! It is good to dream about freedom, but what’s the point if we live like slaves? It’s easy to talk about helping one when every day you ignore the ones in need. It is easy to dream about “The organization” when you can’t even discipline yourself. This leads to a contradiction, which doesn’t lead us anywhere. This issue will be largely dedicated to self-improvement. It will contain a lot of psychology and philosophy. Most of us have faced the problems of maturity: big responsibilities, children, financial difficulties, problems with housing, disillusioned or frightened fiends, graduation and the need for employment. At this moment many of our friends begin to say «I used to be a punk too». In this issue we will share our reflections on how to stay true, to be yourself, not to loose your youthful endeavors, to move straight along your life.

Stay punk!

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Film: Noise And Resistance (2011)


Noise And Resistance is a documentary about a globally interconnected scene, built on autonomy and solidarity.

There are other ways. Commerce, capital, and consumption are by no means irrevocable necessities in today’s world. In their angry and rousing documentary “Noise and Resistance”, Francesca Araiza Andrade and Julia Ostertag show that those who think so are not alone in this opinion. What some would describe as mere din and nuisance, they prove to be a vital articulation of resistance :
Here punk is neither a passing fad nor a dusted relic from the past but the lively expression of an attitiude towards life. Read more

Photos of squat eviction Monday 4th of February in St. Peterburg


Reported by local anarchists:
The squat in abandoned railway-station in st Petersburg has been evicted just hour ago. Riot cops broke windows and seriously beat all people who were inside. At least one squatter has brain concussion. Also according to police reports, couple of cops were seriously injured (one lost his teeth, another one got his skull fracture). Around 30 people arrested. Read more

Russia: A video on activists breaking in to dormitory in defence of the dwellers


Activists are breaking in to dormatory of “Mosshelk”, a video by lenta.ru

People living in dormitory of “Mosshelk” – corporation are being illegally evicted due to commercial interests. Anti-fascist and anarchist activists came 19th of January in order to defend dwellers, and found private security blocking off the dwellers. Read more

When you see nothing further than you


Let’s go to the cinema!
Are you crazy? It supports capitalism!

It often happens that I meet people who are so get caught in their idea, that they just do not want to see anything around them. As a rule such people have no hobby (as their hobby is to be a punk), they are badly educated and the only things that bother them are, probably, anarchism, punk culture, antifa and so on. He reads only those books, that are concerned to a certain interesting theme for him, the same with films, places to visit and even the circle of people Read more



Different “national benefactors” advertise about our votes,they think we should give it to them,because they will take care about our life. They only, and not their concurrents, concurrents are corrupted, evil and have only on their mind to steal so much of our cash, that they can. We’re don’t worried about it. We mean, that is their work to elevate theirself and to humiliate other. That is their work,to cheat us. We don’t trust to institution of representive democracy. Anyways we don?t trust in voting, as bad or good and fair they can be. Read more

Spanish movement


With the development of movement in Russia a natural need to learn more appears. Learn more not only about some kind of new ideas, ways of fighting, occupation, etc., but also to learn something new from other countries. It’s quite clear, because anarchist movement is international, and it is normal to support or to adopt some practices from other countries, thought the exchange of experience is quite a good thing for common movement development across the world. And on that nice note, I’ll start story about the social and anarchist movement in Spain, namely in Madrid. Read more