Meditation. 20 minutes a day for freedom and happiness.

Just a little while ago I didn’t think that some day I would meditate. It always seemed to be something religious, sectarian, and so on. I had almost no knowledge about it; I didn’t know the sense and wasn’t especially interested in it. But it turned out that I came to it. It happened with the help of my surrounding, the art of other people and books. It was spoken about here end there, especially in Osho’s books, and I became interested in. Then I signed up for an introductory course “Yes+”. And now I devote a little bit of time to exercises from yoga and a little meditation every day. Let’s discuss everything step by step.

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Generation “no aim”.

I was born in the times of crimson jackets and fake Rolexes, in times when everybody thought of money. Someone earned them, while the others simply took. The birth of children and creation of family weren’t the first things to do in life of these people, “pepsi generations” as Pelevin wrote. They removed all the inside borders which were imposed to them by the Soviet Union, received a freedom of action and lived as they wanted to live, having saved conservative echoes of the USSR in their souls. They worked, stole, married, divorced, married, divorced, married, gave birth to us and divorced. Was reproduction just a point from their plan of action or an accident?  The answer isn’t important, we were made.

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Letter to a girl with red hair

Do something so stunning

To be pointed by the finger

And thanks to those people, who do it –

They do not allow us to forget who we are!


I think about what kind of people we will be! The thoughts that come to my head are different from yours. They are about which alternative life we will choose!

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Who says activism is boring?

Comrades from Germany rubbish that myth!

Hedonist international (HI!) – is non-traditional society of activists groups (sections) all over the world centered in Berlin. They have one in common – willing to change the world by colorful actions against politicians, Nazis, sexists, homophobes and other scum. They deliberately refrain from violence, their ways are brilliant provocations, traps, making life harder for coppers, politicians etc. Their fantasy is limitless: they are constantly making new technical devises (i.e. new mobile sound system), unusual things they later use on their actions (like  a big air-filled ball they through at cops at their actions) and so on.

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It’s good when you haven’t got any time to think

It’s good when you haven’t got any time to think.
Even perfect.

There is no time to think about mistakes, as yours, as others. About personal, about global. About those that past long ago and those that happened not so long ago, and even about those mistakes that you going to make. There is no need to analyze and make conclusions. What am I? What is people arround me? Why am I living and what I’ll get afterwards? No need to writhe thoughtful face and listen to inner criticism. When you analyzing the present there is no need to think about future.

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The first steps to purity and an order

As it would be easy and careless if all considered the street – that is parks, sidewalks, alleys, yards and even entrances –is  the own house, and apartments are only rooms in it.  It`s  clearly  that in our place the disorder from time to time starts accumulating, and we feel that it is time to do the cleaning:  we vacuum, we wipe a dust, we wash floor.  And that turns out:  the street on which we go every day for study or work, in shop or for a walk is like if has no value.  Mine is my house or the apartment, the street is the general and at the same time nobody’s.  So, then it is possible to spoil in the general?  Everyone does – and so I will be.  And anyway workplaces for yard keepers need to be created.  And after all this same, that to employ the cleaner on the house (I know that dream of many people) – but here the family budget doesn’t allow.  But we, probably, forgot that cleaning on roads is financed from the state treasury, so, from our pockets.

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New step

“They are not  blame. How would they know what freedom is, how did? They’re never able to use it.”

“Kill the Dragon”


We  need  freedom and  we  talk a lot about it. Further  we often make  conclusions  that the people are  not  ready yet  . Or even argue disappointedly   that people do not need freedom. But, as we recognized this need – for some reason we automatically absented  ourselves to those who are ready for freedom. Well, almost ready for freedom. Freedom – a philosophical concept and not one. Concretize  that  in the text  by freedom  I mean   a free society without power and exploitation, with equality and self-government.

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«To grow old» sounds as a sentence

It sounds as “Okay, so, Olya, it`s time to give birth to children, to feed the husband with a borsch” …

To get fat/turn gray/stoop / become wrinkled/ turn into a sphere… B/w stripes, clothes will gradually turn into fulvous slices of rags, bikes will rust…

There will be bald patches on a place of dreads and mohawks, and tattoos will become blue, green and faded…  Three chins, sides rolls, envy to young and careless, weakness and desire more to sleep to have bright fine dreams in which all of us are the same boys and little girls, in turmoil of days and events – not thinking of a lonely old age and validol, a rent and false teeth.  Fucking “Korega”!  Fucking it is put – grandsons!  It is actually better not to live to such age because it will be not life – simply a survival.  Living days before a TV set and complaints under windows of entrances…  Though you know that, it only arguments, and, most likely, a deposit and impressions from seen by me in the last years of life the grangrandgrand-granny.  We will have a different way.  Have to be!  Somewhere just one more punk rocker and the punk rocker were born…  One more fighting units for which the term is allocated.

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Keep your tonus up!

Keep your tonus up!

On jogging.

“Want to be strong – Jog!

Want to be pretty – Jog!

Want to be smart – jog!”

The idea of jogging came up in my mind very often but I always found excuse that suited me once and for all – I am of a very skinny constitution and always wanted to gain weight and considered jogging as a way to get rid of it. But quite recently a question rose about building up my breath/stamina so I extended my knowledge in jogging culture. Here is what I get for you:

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The years go by and we are all the same

The years go by and we are all the same.Most of us have the same indcriptions on the t-shirts: ” Our hearts beat on the left, ” but what does it actually mean? How many ideas are still in our heads? Because many have already appeared families, wives and children. What will happened with us in one, two, five or ten years? You meet your old friends, look at them and notice that there was some sadness, unresponsiveness and cold in their eyes. And you remember it, as if it were yesterday, you went to concerts, standing in the sections, in the hassles at close quarters, all as one. But now it all has changed, many are no longer with us. They stopped fighting…What is our fight? How much is it real? It follows that the fight has no point, no termination. Will we stand up for our beliefs? When did we lose that childlike spontaneity and youthful maximalism ? Some time ago we were ready to change the world, crash it all and build new best world for ourselves, for ours loved ones and ours people.

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